Mentor Role:
- Take the lead in supporting a young person through and ongoing, one-on-one relationship
- Serve as a positive role model and friend
- Build the relationship by planning and participating in activities together
- Strive for mutual respect
- Build self-esteem and self-motivation
- Help set goals and work toward accomplishing them

Desirable Qualities:
- Willing listener
- Encouraging and supportive
- Patient and flexible
- Tolerant and respectful of individual differences

Mentor Requirements:
- Be at least 18 years old
- Work of reside in Middlesex County
- Be interested in working with young people
- Be willing to adhere to all program policies and procedures
- Complete the application and screening process
- Be dependable and consistent in meeting the time commitments
- Attend mentor training sessions as prescribed
- Be willing to communicate regularly with program staff, submit activity information, and recieve constructive feedback regarding mentoring activities
- Have access to reliable transportation or an automobile, auto insurance, and a good driving record
- Have a clean criminal history
- No use of illicit drugs
- No use of alcohol or controlled substances in an inappropriate manner
- Not in current treatment for substance abuse and have a non-addictive period of at least five years
- Not in current treatment for a mental illness or hospitalized for such in the past three years

Time Commitment:
- Make a minimum of an 18 month commitment
- Spend a minimum of 1 hour per week one-on-one with a mentee
- Communicate with the mentee weekly
- Attend four 3-hour mentor training sessions
- Attend optional mentor/mentee group events, mentor support groups, and program recognition events

Practical Benefits:
- Mentors 55 and older will be Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) enrollees
- Training sessions and group activities
- Participation in a mentor support group
- Mentor/mentee group activities, complimentary tickets to community events, participation in recognition events

Personal Benefits:
- A feeling of self-satisfaction in helping someone mature, progress and achieve goals
- Improved physical health from being actively engaged in positive acts of care and assistance
- An opportunity to use your current skills and learn new skills
- Personal fulfillment through contribution to community and an individual
- Personal ongoing support, supervision to help the match succeed

Application and Screening Process:
- Written application
- Driving record check
- Criminal history check: state, child abuse and neglect registry, and sexual offender registry
- Personal interview
- Provide one family reference and two personal references
- Attend four 3-hour training sessions