Retired and Senior Volunteer Programs of Middlesex County

What is RSVP?    The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a nationwide volunteer program that invites adults age 55 & over to use their life experience and skills to address the needs of their community. RSVP is part of Senior Corps of the Corporation for National and Community Services.
Through volunteerism, these adults engage in meaningful and productive activities that support their neighbors and solve community issues. If you are 55 and older, working, semi-retired or retired, and are looking for ways to stay active and serve your community – then RSVP is for YOU.

Why join RSVP?     RSVP of Middlesex County provides volunteers ages 55 and older with a wide range of opportunities and benefits. RSVP offers reimbursement for the cost of travel to and from volunteer opportunities; assistance for the cost of meals while on assignment; accident, personal liability and excess automobile liability insurance. RSVP hosts annual recognition events for volunteers who have reached specific lengths of service. 
    Through your RSVP volunteerism you can learn new skills as well as share your current skills set with others in your community. It has been reported that volunteering has improved physical health from being actively engaged in positive acts of care and assistance.

Benefits for your Community
Support local non-profit organizations
Ease the burden of organizations and individuals
Build stronger communities
Make your community safer, cleaner, and more unified

How do I enroll as an RSVP member?
    If you are age 55 or over, can volunteer at least a few hours on a regular basis, and enjoy working with others in a helping capacity then we need YOU! Many organizations and programs in our community rely heavily upon volunteers to keep them operating. Your commitment to volunteerism assures that those organizations are able to continue providing services to those in need.
*You can fill out an RSVP Enrollment Form here.